Acid dilution plants

ditec_engineering_Lead Battery Acid Dilution

The dilution cycle of sulfuric acid begins with the transfer of acid with high concentration (density 1.84 g/l) in suitable tanks through a transfer pump.

A digital refractometer constantly monitors the density through the recirculation of the solution.

The dilution of sulfuric acid develops a lot of heat. For this reason external sources constantly cool the process tank.

Lead battery acid dilution is done through a special diluter with a digital refractometer which check the density to reach the desired dilution density.

As a result, when the acid reach the correct working density, the system transfers it to the various storage tanks.

Finally our acid resistant pump transfer the acid from the storage tanks to the machine.

Raw acid storage tanks

Main tank in linear neutral PE with anti-UV additives, for the distribution of the raw acid to the mixer.

Also pump body is made of acid resistant material and smart electric cables  allow the removal by a mechanic whenever deemed necessary.

Even more a series of automatic and manual interception shutoff valves in PP for the distribution of the acid to the dilution system.

Continuous acid dilution module

This module prepares acids with different densities, by setting the density to obtain in the operator panel.

Also the acid dilution module is in PE with a support structure in Stainless Steel AISI316L. It can dilute various densities using only raw acid and deionized water (DM) (Reverse Osmosis).

Chiller cooling system

To cool the acid in the various parts of the dilution plant. It works automatically and only when necessary. Chiller is a stand-alone unit with power depending by plant needs. Similarly it can full interface to the plant management system.

Demineralized water system

Water reverse osmosis demineralization system, to process raw water in order to obtain water characteristics suitable for the use in acid dilution plant.

Diluted acid storage tanks

For the storage of diluted sulfuric acid, in linear neutral PE with anti-UV additives.

Lead battery acid dilution supervision system

PLC management system with SCADA supervision.