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The modern industrial world dictates the creation of technology that meets certain parameters. We offer solutions to improve, optimize and speed-up the production of lead-acid batteries. The benefits of automation include not only the increased productivity, but also reduction of the manufacturing costs and lower consumption of natural resources.

The batteries formation is one of the most important phases in the production of lead-acid batteries. During this stage, the precursor material of battery (formed mainly by basic lead oxide and sulfate paste, which is adhered to the grid) is transformed into active material by the passage of electric current. The battery formation step is critical for the final battery quality and performance.

The manual manufacturing process is still largely diffused in the lead-acid batteries industry. However, some Companies are starting to understand the benefits deriving from fully automatic systems for the formation of lead-acid batteries. Installing automated lines considerably improves the productivity.

The ever-increasing requirements of car manufacturers has resulted in an evolution of the batteries as well.


DITEC Engineering is specialized in manufacturing equipment for the production of lead-acid batteries. The offered solutions are modular and designed to interact with each other.

A single machine can become part of a plant, dimensioned according to particular needs and applications. The choice of the automation level is the answer to the production requirements; it’s also possible to centralize the supervision of the plant in a single location or control room with SCADA.
Each machine for the production of lead-acid batteries is equipped with all safety devices required to operate properly and in full compliance with regulations.

All the machines are ready to be extended for future production increase.

We’re also open to new challenges. Send us your inquiry and you will have it managed professionally.

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