Air and water treatment

Air and Water Treatment_ditec_engineering

DITEC Engineering manufactures and installs plants to filter and clean water and air used during the battery production process.

The air is extracted from the hoods and is conveyed through a centralized suction system. A filtering system removes the sulfur particles present in the air so allowing a recirculation or a re-entry into the environment.

The water treatment plants make neutral the water used in the formation tanks. A chemical clearing system allows to clean the water and neutralize any traces of acid leaked from the batteries.

The air and water treatment plants are designed to allow heat recovery from the filtered air and the water temperature control after treatment. This enables high energy savings on one hand, and a greater efficiency of the batteries formation system on the other side.

Main features

  • Centralized air and water management
  • Optimization of water temperature for refreshment tanks
  • Heat recovery
  • Easy integration
  • Designed to work 24/7