Formation water baths

Formation water baths_ditec_engineering

Formation water baths from DITEC Engineering allow an optimal cooling of the batteries during the charging stage. This occurs necessarily at a constant temperature. In this way you transfer a greater amount of charge while keeping short the formation time.

DITEC Engineering builds the formation water baths with AISI316L stainless steel. In any case we use only materials that doesn’t react with acids used in the batteries. Furthermore we equip water baths with devices which allow to manage the process precisely. Typically, moving systems, water management systems, suction hoods and voltage rectifiers.

Motorized rollers move the batteries along the whole tank, keeping distances between them to allow homogeneous flow of water. Also we equip tanks inlet and outlet with pneumatic bulkheads. So facilitating the passage of batteries and containing the cooling water during the formation time.

Plus, a system of pumps and sensors regulate the water level and its recirculation. As a result, on the basis of the temperature setting and the amount of heat emitted from the batteries, the system is able to carry out a replacement of the cooling liquid and ensure a greater dissipation capacity.

Moreover, the water baths are entirely covered by suction hoods. Along with side panels, they fully enclose the tank to conveying the produced gases to special air management systems.

Above all, the production cycle is automatic. All the parameters, the levels, the steps of handling and timing are managed and customized by the operator. This is possible thanks to a centralized supervision system. Light indicators allow a simple and immediate monitoring of the current stage.


Finally, manual formation water baths are available on request, with free positioning of the batteries. They keep the other features and they can be controlled by onboard control panel.

Hence for all the models is available an optional device that generates micro bubbles. This maximizes the heat transfer between water and batteries.

Main features

  • Optimization of the battery cooling
  • Optimized management of convection
  • Customizable dimensions and productivity
  • Centralized management software
  • Multiple work recipes
  • Centralized air and water extraction
  • High durability materials