Loading / unloading shuttles

Loading and Unloading Shuttles_ditec_engineering_lead_battery_industry

The shuttles manage the loading and unloading of the formation water baths. Through an automated process, the machine transfers the batteries from the filling line inside the tanks or processes their evacuation toward the outlet line. A shuttle can manage multiple water baths thanks to its own moving system placed over the conveyor belts.

The loading shuttle, after having centered the battery from the loading belt, prepares a row of batteries to better fill the formation tank. The optimization of the placement of the batteries in the tank is a critical aspect for the subsequent management of the temperature. For this reason, DITEC Engineering shuttles guarantee precise and highly repeatable positioning.

For small productions is available a manual version of the shuttle which facilitates the operator in the loading and unloading of the formation tanks.

Main features

  • Optimization of the formation water baths loading
  • Multiple water baths management with a single machine
  • Integration with the transport system
  • Centralized management software
  • Multiple work recipes
  • High durability materials