Accumulating buffer

Buffering of Lead-Acid Batteries_ditec_engineering

Buffering of lead-acid batteries can bu useful in many cases.

A possible scenario is when the accumulators must go to formation close to the moment they are filled, or after the formation if they have to wait to go the finishing line.


Fully automatic

The system is fully automatic. No operators are needed to have the system working.

Flexible production

Buffering of lead-acid batteries allows to meet the variable production needs.

Storage before formation

Storage system acts as a buffer between assembly and formation.

Filling close to charging

Accumulators are stored and filled only when they have to be formed, avoiding too much time between filling and forming.

Storage before finishing

Accumulators are stored after formation in AISI 316L stainless steel buffers; when it’s time to go to finishing they are released to the next station.

Centralized management

SCADA supervision manages all the operations; multiple recipes are available, to process different types of batteries.