Degassing systems

Degassing station


The ever-increasing requirements of car manufacturers has resulted in an evolution of the batteries as well. While the less recent lead-acid batteries had commonly more space between the lead plates, the late ones have passed through a space optimization process that brought, at the same time, more density to entrapped gases.

The idea

Remove the oxygen and hydrogen “micro bubbles” that normally are present in the interface between lead plates and electrolyte, to obtain a more accurate electrolyte level over the time, meeting the needs of the car manufacturers (more and more often they require a specific electrolyte level with a specific tolerance).

The process

  • the degassing cycle is fully automated
  • input transfer units move the batteries from the main line into the station and accumulators are stacked into the collection area to be processed
  • the vacuum chamber moves down, covering the accumulators, and then the vacuum process starts
  • the gases that come out from the electrolyte are brought out by the vacuum system
  • after the preset time the containment cover is lifted, and next the batteries are moved out the processing area
  • an exit system pushes the accumulators towards the conveyor belt so reinserting them in the original line


  • the station is equipped with a conveyor belt to be added into an existing finishing line
  • the vacuum control system allows electrolyte to thoroughly saturate the electrodes ensuring the best battery charging-discharging performance
  • the special shape of the chamber is designed to resist the pressure variation
  • the process of vacuum degassing of the acid is carried out as quickly as possible and without additional waste of energy resources
  • the whole process of vacuum degassing is pre-settable
  • short process time can be achieved thanks to automation between the parts of the station
  • our lead-acid battery degassing station is charac­terized by high reliability, performance, and durability

Key Features

  • Integrable: the station can be added to almost any existing finishing line, no need to modify or rebuild
  • Fully Automatic: no operator needed, just set it up and go.
  • High Standard: meets the needs of the most deman­ding car manufacturers
  • Top Performance: achieve best battery charging/ discharging efficiency