Industrial batteries formation


The water bath for industrial batteries formation is the result of a specific design to charge traction elements having width 198mm.

The tank has 4 sectors and it can host inside 4 special pallets keeping the elements to charge.

Inside the formation water bath there are two mobile supports, for each pallet, to allow to immerse the accumulators into the water until the desired depth, depending by the battery height.

Each platform is independent from each other so it’s possible to charge elements with different height at the same time.

The water-cooling system has an automatic control and it has a recycle system with closed circuit pump. Even more a special oxygenation system improves the water uniformity inside each sector, to uniformly cool all the elements.

The formation tank has a water temperature control system that uses a probe to manage a thermo regulator that automatically add water when needed.

Both suction hood and security hatches are included. The hoods have already the holes for rectifier cables.

Main features

  • Specifically design for industrial batteries formation
  • Water bath built in AISI316L stainless steel
  • Suction hood in polypropylene
  • Protection hatches with security system
  • 4 stainless steel pallets to host the accumulators
  • Water cooling system with recycle and air oxygenation
  • Electric control panel