Initial acid filling

Initial acid filling machine to fill the diluted acid into the batteries before the charging. Available for car and truck batteries.

The Initial Acid Filling machine has been designed to ensure the highest level of accuracy during battery charging, in full compliance with operating reliability and environmental safety requirements.

Special injectors and a dedicated counter fitting all models enable the introduction of the correct amount of acid and prevent any dripping or spilling of the inserted liquid.

The Initial Acid Filling machine can process all starter batteries, for both automotive and truck applications (head disassembly option available). Fast-connection stops ensure a constant output with one filling head or more.

For the second filling, after the Formation, please give a look at our Acid Filling Leveling machine.


Main features

  • Specifically design for car and truck batteries
  • Built in AISI316L stainless steel
  • Available with more heads to process more batteries
  • Electric control panel