Post brushing

The Post brushing machine brushes and polishes the battery terminals. As a result, the battery's terminals will be cleaned.

The Post Brushing machine removes the lead oxide from the battery terminals.

For this reason the battery can have a good contact when in the vehicle.

The innovative feature consists in the brushes that accurately clean the terminals. Plus, at the same time it polishes the surface of the pole head.

We design the brushes to be easily interchanged. This allows to rapidly replace the brush by operators or maintainers.

The Post Brushing machine is in full compliance with environmental protection requirements.

Its balancer lowers onto the battery and the brushing units clean the terminals.

Finally, the machine can work with two operators at the same time: just add a second brushing unit and balancer.


For the Pole greasing, please give a look at our Post Greasing machine.


Main features

  • Specifically design for car and truck batteries
  • AISI316L stainless steel
  • Available with more balancers to process more batteries