Post greasing

The Post Greasing machine applies a protective film on the battery terminals to prevent oxidation during handling, transportation and storage

The Post Greasing machine applies a protective film (usually Vaseline grease) on the battery positive and negative pole. This process prevent soxidation during battery transportation, storage and subsequent handling operations.

The special lubricating head allows a uniform grease film application on all surfaces of the pole for maximum protection. A dedicated grease dispenser ensures a constant flow of protective material to the lubricating heads.

Similarly, to all other applications by DITEC, this machine has been designed to meet the customers’ most demanding specifications by combining high-quality materials to construction, operation.

The Post Brushing machine is in full compliance with environmental protection requirements.

By adding a second greasing unit and balancer to the machine, the unit can work with two operators at the same time. As a result, you can process more batteries.


For the Pole brushing, please give a look at our Post Brushing machine.


Main features

  • Specifically design for car and truck batteries
  • Built in AISI316L stainless steel
  • Available with more balancers to process more batteries